Brief descriptions of the services

Road Maintenance

DirtWorx Excavating, LLC can prepare your private roadways so they can be traveled safely. DirtWorx Excavating, LLC then can keep them maintained throughout the year.

Septic System Installation

DirtWorx Excavating, LLC can start the process of your new septic system with the County health department and your or our engineer so you get the best type of system to suit your needs. We can also install your new septic system by following the specifications designed by the engineer and we will take care of permits and inspections that are necessary.

Septic Tank Replacements

DirtWorx Excavating, LLC can replace a non functioning septic tank and get the proper permits to take of the job.

Foundations & Footings

DirtWorx Excavating, LLC can dig for footings and foundation work for your dream house or for a new addition to you existing house. We can also install foundation drainage for your new home or addition.

Excavation & Site Development Residential

DirtWorx Excavating, LLC can take care of all of your excavation needs for building your dream house. Start with Clearing trees, stumping, digging footings and getting it ready for your new foundation. Dirtworx can install your septic system; install your driveway and grade your yard and getting it ready for grass.

Excavation & Site Development Commercial

DirtWorx Excavating, LLC can take care of all of your excavation needs for building your Commercial Building. Start with Clearing trees, stumping, digging footings and and getting it ready for your new foundation. DirtWorx can install the base of the parking lot and handle all of the Coordination with the sub contractors. Which would include have the parking lot paved and have the curbs installed along with all of the electrical installation of the lighting along with working with landscapers after the final grade. Dirtworx can install the commercial septic systems and or hook up to sewer lines.

Retaining walls

DirtWorx Excavating, LLC can build retaining walls to hold back the earth and make decorative walls out of natural rock and turn the wall into flower gardens, walkways and or steps.


DirtWorx Excavating, LLC can grade your driveway or yard to a flat smooth service and make sure the water runs away from your home or driveway to prevent water damage.


DirtWorx Excavating, LLC can deliver stone, top soil, fill dirt, mulch or sand for whatever your projects or needs are. We also use our own trucks for all of our contracted excavating projects.


DirtWorx Excavating, LLC can grade your driveway and direct water away from you home and put driveway stone (quarry process or DGA) to prepare for black top or if you like the stone look.

Underground Utilities

Dirtworx Excavating can dig the trenches that are necessary and follow the specification plans drawn by your engineer for your underground utilities project!


Dirtworx Excavating, LLC can contain your water issues by directing the water properly away from your home and septic fields, foundations and driveways with something as simple as a swale or a catch basin with drainage pipe and stone.

Land Clearing and Demolition

DirtWorx Excavating, LLC- can clear and stump your lot for your new home or commercial building or we can do a demolition on the existing structure and dispose of the material by recycling what we can.

Some Helpful Tips for The Homeowner

Understanding your Sewage Disposal System (Septic System)

There are several components to a septic system and understanding these components may allow you to prolong the life of your system. Such as the periodic maintenance of your tank as well as what you put into your tank. Always remember whatever you put into your drains or flush down your toilet goes into your septic system and that could be harmful to your septic as well as the environment. On an average you should have your tank pumped every 2 to 3 years depending on usage. As well as you should try to keep the top of your septic field opened and cleaned. Don’t park on it or put a shed on it, try to keep it mowed and free of weeds and trees. Roots of the trees can work their way into the pipes and clog or damage them. You really want the sun to get to field for absorption.

Tank Replacements

There are many old rotted steel septic tanks in the ground and you should be aware that they are dangerous and could give away at any time, as well as if the baffles are rotted the solids could get out into your drainage field or pit and cause the system to fail. This could be a costly repair but if you were aware of the problem with the tank you could have a tank replacement rather than an entire septic system.

Grading and Drainage

It is also a very important part of maintaining your property. For example improper grading can cause flooding and wet basements. Even if the water is not actually coming in it can make your walls damp which causes mold.

Improper grading can also cause septic field failure due to excess saturation of the septic field. Often times these problems can be remedied with something as simple as a swale or a catch basin with drainage pipe or simply to re grade the property and direct water away from septic fields, foundations and driveways.

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